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Energy Acronyms

bulletA - Ampere
bulletAAL - all aluminum (electricity conductor)
bulletAAQS - Ambient Air Quality Standards
bulletABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments
bulletAC - alternating current
bulletACE - Army Corps of Engineers
bulletACSR - aluminum covered steel reinforced (electricity conductor)
bulletAEI - Advanced Energy Initiative
bulletAEO - Annual Energy Outlook, DOE/EIA publication
bulletAFC - Application for Certification
bulletAFY - acre-feet per year
bulletAGW - Anthropogenic global warming
bulletAHM - Acutely Hazardous Materials
bulletAL - aluminum
bulletANOPR - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
bulletANSI - American National Standards Institute
bulletANSI - American National Standards Institute
bulletAPCD - Air Pollution Control District
bulletAPCO - Air Pollution Control Officer
bulletAPI - American Petroleum Institute
bulletAPPA - America Public Power Association
bulletAQMD - Air Quality Management District
bulletAQMP - Air Quality Management Plan
bulletARB - (California) Air Resources Board
bulletARB (not CARB) - California Air Resources Board
bulletARCO - Atlantic Richfield Company
bulletASAE - American Society of Architectural Engineers
bulletASAT - Appliance Saturation
bulletASHRAE - American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
bulletASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
bulletATC - Authority to Construct

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bulletB - Present value of future coil losses ($/watt)
bulletBAAQMD - Bay Area Air Quality Management District
bulletBACT - Best Available Control Technology
bulletBAF - Basic American Foods
bulletBANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody
bulletBARCT - Best Available Retrofit Control Technology
bulletbbl - barrel
bulletBBLs - barrels of oil
bulletBBRS - Board for Building Regulations and Standards
bulletBC - Bill Calculator
bulletBCDC - Bay Conservation and Development Commission
bulletBCF - billion cubic feet
bulletBcfd - billion cubic feet per day
bulletBCUC - British Columbia Utilties Commission
bulletBDT - Bone Dry Tons
bulletBEA - U.S. Bureau of Economic Affairs
bulletBG - Biomass gassification
bulletBIL - basic impulse insulation level
bulletBIL - basic impulse insulation level
bulletBLM - Bureau of Land Management
bulletBLM - Bureau of Land Management
bulletBOE - Barrels of oil equivalent
bulletBPA - Bonneville Power Administration
bulletBPA - U.S. Bonneville Power Administration
bulletBR - Biennial Report
bulletBT - Building Technologies
bulletBTL - Biomass-to-liquid
bulletBtu - British thermal unit
bulletBtu - British thermal unit (Note: B is capitalized)
bulletBUREC - Bureau of Reclamation

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bulletC&I - commercial and industrial
bulletCA ISO - See California ISO
bulletCAA - U.S. Clean Air Act
bulletCAAQS - California Ambient Air Quality Standards
bulletCAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy
bulletCalEPA - California Environmental Protection Agency
bulletCalEPA - California Environmental Protection Agency
bulletCalifornia ISO (not CAISO or Cal-ISO) - California Independent System Operator
bulletCALMAC - California Measurement Advisory Committee
bulletCALTRANS - California Department of Transportation
bulletCAPCOA - California Air Pollution Control Officers Association
bulletCAPM - Capital Asset Pricing Model
bulletCARB - California Air Resources Board
bulletCARES - Conservation and Renewable Energy System
bulletCBC - California Building Code
bulletCBECS - Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey
bulletCCAA - California Clean Air Act
bulletCCR - California Code of Regulations
bulletCDF - California Department of Forestry
bulletCDFG - California Department of Fish and Game
bulletCEA - Canadian Electricity Association
bulletCEC - California Energy Commission (Please note that the Energy Commission prefers to not use the acronym "CEC" because of possible confusion with other agencies or companies with the same acronym. Use Energy Commission or just Commission instead.)
bulletCEERT - Coalition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
bulletCED - California Energy Demand
bulletCEM - continuous emissions monitoring
bulletCEQA - California Environmental Quality Act (pronouced SEE-qwah)
bulletCERA - Cambridge Energy Research Associates (Chairman Daniel Yergin)
bulletCESA - California Endangered Species Act
bulletCEUS - Commercial End Use Survey
bulletCFB - circulating fluidized bed
bulletCFCs - chloro-fluorocarbons
bulletCFM - cubic feet per minute
bulletCFR - Code of Federal Regulations
bulletcfs - cubic feet per second
bulletCIWMB - California Integrated Waste Management Board
bulletCLUP - Comprehensive Land Use Plan
bulletCNEL - Community Noise Equivalent Level
bulletCO - carbon monoxide
bulletCO2 or CO2 (Note: Make sure the 2 it is not too small to read.) - Carbon dioxide
bulletCOB - California/Oregon Border
bulletCOI - California Oregon Intertie
bulletCPCN - Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity
bulletCPM - Compliance Project Manager
bulletCPUC - California Public Utilities Commission
bulletCRA - Columbia River Alliance for Fish, Commerce and Communities
bulletCRITFC - Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
bulletCSA - Canadian Standards Association
bulletCSL - Candidate Standard Level
bulletCT - combustion turbine
bulletCT - current transformer
bulletCTG - combustion turbine generator
bulletCTL - Coal-to-liquid conversion
bulletCU - cooper
bulletCUB - Oregon Citizens' Utility Board
bulletCURE - California Unions for Reliable Energy
bulletCWA - Clean Water Act

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bulletdB - decibel
bulletdB(A) - decibel on the A scale
bulletDC - direct current
bulletDCTL - Double Circuit Transmission Line
bulletDEIR - Draft Environmental Impact Report
bulletDEIS - Draft Environmental Impact Statement
bulletDER - Distributed Energy Resources
bulletDFG - California Department of Fish and Game
bulletDHS - California Department of Health Services
bulletDISCO - Distribution Company
bulletDL - design line (followed by a number indicating which design line)
bulletDOC - Determination of Compliance
bulletDOE - U.S. Department of Energy
bulletDOJ - U.S. Department of Justice
bulletDSI - Direct Service Industries--primarily aluminum companies
bulletDSM - Demand Side Management
bulletDTC - Desert Tortoise Council
bulletDWR - (California) Department of Water Resources

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bulletE&P - Exploration and production
bulletECAA - Energy Conservation Assistance Account
bulletEDF - Environmental Defense Fund
bulletEdison - Southern California Edison Company
bulletEDR - Energy Development Report
bulletEER, SEER - Energy Efficiency Ratio, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
bulletEFS&EPD - Energy Facilities Siting and Environmental Protection Division
bulletEIA - Energy Information Administration
bulletEIA - Energy Information Administration
bulletEIA - Energy Information Administration, division of US Department of Energy
bulletEIA - U.S. Energy Information Administration (statistical arm of U.S. Department of Energy)
bulletEIR - Environmental Impact Report
bulletEIS - Environmental Impact Statement
bulletELCAP - Elrick & Lavidge Computerized Audit Program
bulletELFIN - Electric Utility Financial and Production Simulation Model
bulletEMF - electric and magnetic fields
bulletEMM - Electricity Market Model
bulletEnergy Action Plan (not EAP) - Energy Action Plan
bulletEnergy Commission - Preferred shortened version of California Energy Commission
bulletENERGY STAR� on first reference, followed by ENERGY STAR thereafter. Note: Should be all capitals.
bulletEOR - East of River (Colorado River)
bulletEOR - Enhanced oil recovery
bulletEPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
bulletEPCA - Energy Policy and Conservation Act
bulletEPR - Energy profit ratio
bulletEPRI - Electric Power Research Institute
bulletER - Electricity Report
bulletERC - emission reduction credit {offset}
bulletERPA - Energy Resources Program Account (funding that supports the Energy Commission)
bulletEROEI - Energy return on energy invested
bulletERP - equity risk premium
bulletESA - Endangered Species Act (Federal)
bulletESA - Environmental Site Assessment
bulletESP - Energy Service Providers
bulletETSR - Energy Technologies Status Report
bulletEUC - End Use Consumption
bulletEUI - End Use Intensities
bulletEWEB - Eugene Water & Electric Board

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bulletFAA - Federal Aviation Administration
bulletFBE - Functional Basis Earthquake
bulletFBS - Federal Base System
bulletFCAA - Federal Clean Air Act
bulletFCC - Federal Communications Commission
bulletFCRPS - Federal Columbia River Power System
bulletFEC - Flathead Electric Co-op
bulletFEIR - Final Environmental Impact Report
bulletFEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
bulletFEMP - Federal Energy Management Program
bulletFERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
bulletFIP - Federal Implementation Plan
bulletFIP - Fields in production
bulletFONSI - Finding of No-Significant Impact
bulletFOP - Fuel oil price
bulletFSA - Final Staff Assessment
bulletFSU - Former Soviet Union
bulletFT - Fischer-Tropsch process of converting methane, biomass, or coal to liquid fuels
bulletFUA - Fields under appraisal
bulletFUD - Fields under development

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bulletg/m3 - micro grams (10-6 grams) per cubic meter
bulletGB - Gigabarrels = 1 billion barrels
bulletGDP - Gross Domestic Product
bulletGEP - good engineering practice
bulletGHG - Greenhouse gas (e.g., CO2, methane)
bulletGIS - gas insulated switchgear
bulletGIS - geographic information system
bulletGOM - Gulf of Mexico
bulletGOMEX - Gulf of Mexico
bulletGOSP - Gas Oil Separation Plant
bulletgpd - gallons per day
bulletgpm - gallons per minute
bulletGRDA - Geothermal Resources Development Account
bulletGRIM - Government Regulatory Impact Model
bulletGTL - Gas-to-liquids conversion
bulletGW - gigawatt
bulletGWh - gigawatt-hour

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bulletH2S - hydrogen sulfide
bulletHCP - habitat conservation plan
bulletHELM - Hourly Electric Load Model
bulletHHV - higher heating value
bulletHL - Hubbert Linearization
bulletH-O DR - laser-scribed M3 core steel
bulletHOUSES - Households
bulletHRA - Health Risk Assessment
bulletHRSG - heat recovery steam generator
bulletHTS - high-temperature superconducting
bulletHV - high voltage
bulletHV - high voltage
bulletHVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
bulletHz - hertz

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bulletIAR - Issues and Alternatives Report
bulletICIP - Industrial Customers of Idaho Power
bulletICNU - Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities
bulletID - load identification
bulletIDF&G - Idaho Department of Fish & Game
bulletIEA - International Energy Agency
bulletIEA - International Energy Agency
bulletIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
bulletIEPR - Integrated Energy Policy Report
bulletIHS - IHS Energy (consulting company, parent of CERA)
bulletIID - Imperial Irrigation District
bulletIIR - Issues Identification Report
bulletIMBUILD - Impact of Building
bulletIMPLAN - Impact Analysis for Planning
bulletINFORM - Industrial End Use Forecasting Model
bulletIOC - International oil company (e.g., British Petroleum, ExxonMobil)
bulletIOU - Investor-owned Utility
bulletIID - Imperial Irrigation District
bulletIPC - Idaho Power Company
bulletIPUC - Idaho Public Utilities Commission
bulletIS - Initial Study
bulletISO - Independent System Operator

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bulletJES - Joint Environmental Statement
bulletJODI - Joint oil data initiative
bulletJPA - Joint Powers Authority

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bulletKCAPCD - Kern County Air Pollution Control District
bulletKCM - thousand circular mils (also KCmil) (electricity conductor)
bulletKGRA - known geotheral resource area
bulletkm - kilometer
bulletKOP - key observation point
bulletKRCC - Kern River Cogeneration Company
bulletkV - kilovolt
bulletKVA - kilovolt-ampere (transformer size rating)
bulletKVAR - kilovolt-ampere reactive
bulletkW (small k, capital W) - kilowatt
bulletkWe - kilowatt, electric
bulletkWh - kilowatt hour
bulletkWp - peak kilowatt

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bulletLADWP - Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
bulletLAER - Lowest Achievable Emission Rate
bulletLBNL - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
bulletlbs - pounds
bulletlbs/hr - pounds per hour
bulletlbs/MMBtu - pounds per million British thermal units
bulletLCAQMD - Lake County Air Quality Management District
bulletLCC - Life-Cycle Cost
bulletLL - load loss
bulletLMUD - Lassen Municipal Utility District
bulletLNG - liquefied natural gas
bulletLORS - laws, ordinances, regulations and standards
bulletLPG - Liquified petroleum gas (propane and butane)
bulletLQHC - Low quality hydrocarbons (i.e., tar sands and oil shale)
bulletLSE - Load Serving Entities
bulletLV - low voltage

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bulletm (M) - meter, million, mega, milli or thousand
bulletM* - M2, M3, M4, M6 - thickness of core steel
bulletm/s - meters per second
bulletMB - Millions of barrels
bulletMBD - Millions of barrels per day
bulletMBUAPCD - Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District
bulletMCE - maximum credible earthquake
bulletMCF - thousand cubic feet
bulletMCF but in parentheses say (1000 cubic feet of natural gas) - MCF
bulletMCL - Maximum Containment Level
bulletMCM - thousand circular mil (electricity conductor)
bulletMEID - Merced Irrigation District
bulletMER - Maximum effective rate (of production)
bulletMG - milli gauss
bulletmgd - million gallons per day
bulletMIA - Manufacturer Impact Analysis
bulletMID - Modesto Irrigation District
bulletMiddle East and North Africa (includes Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates)
bulletMMcfd - Million cubic feet per day (used with natural gas)
bulletMMS - Minerals Management Service, division of US Department of the Interior
bulletMMT - Million metric tons
bulletMOU - Memorandum of Understanding
bulletMPE - maximum probable earthquake
bulletMRC - Maximum Reservoir Contact
bulletMS - Mail Station
bulletMV - megavolt
bulletMVA - megavolt-amperes
bulletMVAR - megavolt-ampere reactive
bulletMW - megawatt (million watts)
bulletMW (all capitals) / MWh - megawatt / megawatt-hour
bulletMWA - Mojave Water Agency
bulletMWD - Metropolitan Water District
bulletMWh - megawatt hour
bulletMWp - peak megawatt

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bulletN-1 - one transmission circuit out
bulletN-2 - two transmission circuits out
bulletNAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards
bulletNAICS - North American Industry Classification System
bulletNCI - Navigant Consulting, Inc. (formerly Arthur D. Little, Inc.)
bulletNCPA - Northern California Power Agency
bulletNEEA - Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, also known as The Alliance.
bulletNEEP - Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership
bulletNEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association
bulletNEMS - National Energy Modeling System
bulletNEPA - National Environmental Policy Act (federal "equivalent" of CEQA) of 1969
bulletNERC - North American Electric Reliability Council
bulletNES - National Energy Savings
bulletNESHAPS - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
bulletNG - Natural gas (mainly methane)
bulletNGL - Natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, butane, isobutane and natural gasoline)
bulletNHA - National Hydropower Association
bulletNIMBY - Not In My Backyard
bulletNL - no-load losses
bulletNMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
bulletNMHC - nonmethane hydrocarbons
bulletNO - nitrogen oxide
bulletNO2 - nitrogen dioxide
bulletNOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
bulletNOC - National oil company (e.g., Saudi Aramco)
bulletNOI - Notice of Intention
bulletNOL - North of Lugo
bulletNOM - Normas Oficiales Mexicanas-NOM (official Mexican standards)
bulletNOP - Notice of Preparation (of EIR)
bulletNOPR - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
bulletNOV - Notice of Violation
bulletNOx - nitrogen oxides
bulletNOx - nitrogen oxides
bulletNOx or NOx - nitrogen oxides
bulletNPV - net present value
bulletNRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission
bulletNRCan - Natural Resources Canada
bulletNRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council
bulletNRECA - National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
bulletNREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a laboratory of the US Department of Energy
bulletNRTA - Northwest Regional Transmission Association
bulletNSCAPCD - Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District
bulletNSPS - New Source Performance Standards
bulletNSR - New Source Review
bulletNWEC - Northwest Energy Coalition
bulletNWPP - Northwest Power Pool
bulletNWPPA - Northwest Public Power Association
bulletNWPPC - Northwest Power Planning Council
bulletNYMEX - New York Merchantile EXchange
bulletNYSERDA - New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

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bulletO&M - operation and maintenance
bulletO3 - Ozone
bulletOASIS - Open Access Same-Time Information System
bulletOCB - oil circuit breaker
bulletOCSG - Operating Capability Study Group
bulletODAC - Oil Depletion Analysis Centre
bulletOECD - Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
bulletOEE - Office of Energy Efficiency
bulletOEFSC - Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council
bulletOEMs - original equipment manufacturers
bulletOGJ - The Oil & Gas Journal
bulletOIRA - Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
bulletOMB - Office of Management and Budget
bulletOOIP - Original oil in place
bulletOPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
bulletOPS - Optimized Program Service, Inc.
bulletOPUC - Oregon Public Utilties Commission
bulletORA - Office of Ratepayer Advocates
bulletORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
bulletOSB - Oversight Board
bulletOSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or Act)

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bulletP/Q - Pique to Qumulative
bulletPBL - Power Business Line of BPA
bulletPBP - payback period
bulletPC - product class
bulletPCI - Per Capita Income
bulletPDCI - Pacific DC Intertie
bulletPG&E - Pacific Gas and Electric Company
bulletPGC - Public Goods Charge
bulletPGE - Portland General Electric
bulletPGP - Public Generating Pool
bulletPHC(S) - Prehearing Conference (Statement)
bulletPIER Program - Public Interest Energy Research Program
bulletPIFUA - Federal Powerplant & Industrial Fuel Use Act of 1978
bulletPM - particulate matter
bulletPM - Project Manager
bulletPM10 - particulate matter 10 microns and smaller in diameter
bulletPM2.5 - particulate matter 2.5 microns and smaller in diameter
bulletPMA - Power Marketing Authority
bulletPNGC - Pacific Northwest Generating Cooperative
bulletPNUCC - Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee
bulletPO - peak oil
bulletppb - parts per billion
bulletPPC - Public Power Council
bulletPPHH - Persons Per Household
bulletppm - parts per million
bulletppmvd - parts per million by volume, dry
bulletppt - parts per thousand
bulletPRC - California Public Resources Code
bulletPRC - Public Resources Code
bulletPRF - peak responsibility factor
bulletPSD - Prevention of Significant Deterioration
bulletPSE - Puget Sound Energy
bulletPSRC - Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative
bulletPT - potential transformer
bulletPTO - Permit to Operate
bulletPU - per unit
bulletPUC - (California) Public Utilities Commission
bulletPURPA - Federal Public Utilities Regulatory Policy Act of 1978
bulletPV - photovoltaic

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bulletQA/QC - Quality Assurance/Quality Control
bulletQF - Qualifying Facility
bulletQFER - Quarterly Fuel and Energy Reports
bulletQt - The estimated URR from a Hubbert Linearization
bulletQuad - one quadrillion (1015) British thermal units

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bulletRACT - Reasonably Available Control Technology
bulletRASS - Residential Appliance Saturation Survey
bulletRD&D - research, development, and demonstration
bulletRDF - refuse derived fuel
bulletRETO - Reasonably Expected to Occur
bulletRFP - Request for Proposals
bulletRFQ - Request for Qualifications
bulletRMS - root mean square
bulletROC - reactive organic compounds
bulletROC - Report of Conversation
bulletROG - reactive organic gas
bulletROW - right of way
bulletRP - Reserves/production ratio
bulletRTO - Regional Transmission Organization
bulletRTP - real-time pricing
bulletRUL - Regular unleaded gasoline
bulletRWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board

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bulletSA1 - Metglas amorphous core material
bulletSACOG - Sacramento Area Council of Governments
bulletSANBAG - San Bernardino Association of Governments
bulletSANDAG - San Diego Association of Governments
bulletSANDER - San Diego Energy Recovery Project
bulletSB - Senate Bill
bulletSCAB - South Coast Air Basin
bulletSCAG - Southern California Association of Governments
bulletSCAQMD - South Coast Air Quality Management District
bulletSCE - Southern California Edison Company
bulletSCE - Southern California Edison Company
bulletSCFM - standard cubic feet per minute
bulletSCH - State Clearing House
bulletSCIT - Southern California Import Transmission
bulletSCL - Seattle City Light
bulletSCR - Selective Catalytic Reduction
bulletSCTL - single circuit transmission line
bulletSDCAPCD - San Diego County Air Pollution Control District
bulletSDG&E - San Diego Gas & Electric Company (Note: An ampersand is the correct usage in the company's name.)
bulletSEC - Securities and Exchange Commission
bulletSEGS - Solar Electric Generating Station
bulletSEPCO - Sacramento Ethanol and Power Cogeneration Project
bulletSIC - Standard industrial classification
bulletSIP - State Implementation Plan
bulletSJVAB - San Joaquin Valley Air Basin
bulletSJVAQMD - San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Management District
bulletSMAQMD - Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
bulletSMUD - Sacramento Municipal Utility District
bulletSMUDGEO - SMUD Geothermal
bulletSNCR - Selective Noncatalytic Reduction
bulletSNG - Synthetic Natural Gas
bulletSnoPUD - Snohomish PUD
bulletSO2 - sulfur dioxide
bulletSO4 - sulfates
bulletSoCal Gas - Southern California Gas Company
bulletSONGS - San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
bulletSOx - sulfur oxides
bulletSPP - Sierra Pacific Power
bulletSPR - Sierra Pacific Resources
bulletSPR - Strategic petroleum reserve
bulletSTIG - steam injected gas turbine
bulletSWP - State Water Project
bulletSWRCB - State Water Resources Control Board

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bulletTAC - Toxic Air Contaminant
bulletTB - Trillions of barrels
bulletTBL - Transmission Business Line of BPA
bulletTBtu - trillion Btu
bulletTCF - trillion cubic feet
bulletTCF - Trillion cubic feet (dry natural gas)
bulletTCM - transportation control measure
bulletTCU - Transportation, Communications and Utilities
bulletTDM - Tariff Data Model
bulletTDS - total dissolved solids
bulletTE - transmission engineering
bulletTEOR - Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery
bulletTID - Turlock Irrigation District
bulletTL - total losses
bulletTL - transmission line or lines
bulletT-Line - transmission line
bulletTOC - Total Owning Cost
bulletTOD - The Oil Drum
bulletTOG - total organic gases
bulletTOU - time of use
bulletTPD - tons per day
bulletTPY - tons per year
bulletTS&N - Transmission Safety and Nuisance
bulletTSD - Technical Support Document
bulletTSE - Transmission System Engineering
bulletTSIN - Transmission Services Information Network
bulletTSP - total suspended particulate matter

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bulletU.S. DOE - (United States) Department of Energy
bulletU.S. EPA (not EPA) - United States Environmental Protection Agency
bulletUAE - United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Qaiwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah)
bulletUBC - Uniform Building Code
bulletUDC - Utility Displacement Credits
bulletUDF - Utility Displacement Factor
bulletUEC - Average Unit of Energy Consumption for each end use
bulletUEG - Utility Electric Generator
bulletUL - Underwriters Laboratories
bulletULSD - Ultra-low sulfur diesel
bulletUnited States (not U.S. unless it proceeds an abbreviation for a federal agency) - United States
bulletURL - uniform resource locator
bulletURR - Ultimately recoverable resources
bulletUS - United States
bulletUSC(A) - United States Code (Annotated)
bulletUSCOE - U.S. Corps of Engineers
bulletUSEPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
bulletUSFS - U.S. Forest Service
bulletUSFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
bulletUSFWS - US Fish & Wildlife Service
bulletUSGS - U.S. Geological Survey
bulletUSGS - United States Geological Survey
bulletV - volts
bulletVCAPCD - Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
bulletVMT - Vehicle miles traveled
bulletVOC - volatile organic compounds

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bulletW - Watt
bulletWAA - Warren-Alquist Act
bulletWAPA - Western Area Power Administration
bulletWDF&W - Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
bulletWECC - Western Electricity Coordinating Council
bulletWEFSEC - Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Committee
bulletWEPEX - Western Energy Power Exchange
bulletWICF - Western Interconnection Coordination Forum
bulletWICF - Western Interconnection Forum
bulletWIEB - Western Interstate Energy Board
bulletWOEC - West Oregon Electric Cooperative
bulletWOR - West of River (Colorado River)
bulletWPAG - Western Public Agency Group
bulletWPPSS - the Washington Public Power Supply System, renamed Energy Northwest
bulletWPUDA - Washington Public Utility District's Association
bulletWRECA - Washington Rural Electric Cooperative Association
bulletWRTA - Western Region Transmission Association
bulletWSCC - Western Systems Coordinating Council
bulletWSPP - Western System Power Pool
bulletWTI - West Texas Intermediate (crude oil)
bulletWUTC - Washington Utilties & Transportation Commission
bulletY - w ye-type transformer terminal connection
bulletYTF - Yet to find
bulletZDMH - mechanically scribed, deep-domain refined core steel